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The 10 States That Get the Most April Snow

Many people are putting away their winter clothes for the year, but those who live in certain states know to keep theirs close by. While April is often seen as the beginning of spring, several states experience significant snowfall during this month. Let’s explore the ten states that get the most April snow.

1. Montana


Montana is notorious for its late-season snowfalls. Residents are well-acquainted with the unpredictability of the weather, and April can bring substantial snowstorms. The state’s mountainous terrain contributes to these late snowfalls, with higher elevations often seeing significant accumulation. Even in urban areas, snow in April is not uncommon, making it essential for Montanans to keep their winter gear handy.

2. South Dakota

Believe it or not, April is the snowiest month of the year for South Dakota. The state averages about 12.5 inches of snowfall during this month, with certain locations experiencing up to 30 inches. The Black Hills region, in particular, can see heavy snowfall due to its elevation and unique weather patterns. This late-season snow can impact travel and outdoor activities, reminding residents that winter isn’t over just yet.

3. Wyoming

Wyoming is accustomed to snow late in the season, with April often bringing substantial snowfall. The state’s high plains and mountainous areas can experience record-breaking snowstorms during this month. Historical data shows that some of Wyoming’s most powerful snowstorms have occurred in April, creating challenges for residents and travelers alike. The snow can linger well into May, delaying the onset of spring.

4. Colorado

Colorado’s diverse topography means that snowfall can vary widely across the state, but April often brings significant snow, especially to higher elevations. The Rocky Mountains are a major contributor to this late-season snowfall, with ski resorts often extending their seasons due to April snowstorms. Even the Front Range cities like Denver can see measurable snow, making it a month where winter refuses to relinquish its grip.

5. Alaska


As the northernmost state, Alaska naturally experiences snow late into the year. Significant snowfall can occur well after March 31st, with many areas not seeing snowmelt until late April or even May. The state’s vast wilderness and varying elevations mean that snow can fall heavily and frequently during this time, impacting both daily life and wildlife.

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BuzzTrail's unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you've been waiting for.

6. North Dakota

Much like its southern neighbor, North Dakota sees a lot of snow in April. In fact, one of the state’s most significant snow events in recent history occurred from April 12th to 14th, 2022, when record-breaking snowfall blanketed the region. This late-season snow can disrupt agricultural activities and prolong the winter season, making spring feel like a distant promise.

7. Michigan

While many states might be surprised by April snow, Michigan residents are used to it. The state doesn’t get as much snow in April as some of the others on this list, but it still sees its fair share. The Great Lakes play a significant role in influencing Michigan’s weather, often resulting in lake-effect snow that can extend into April. This makes it necessary for Michiganders to be prepared for winter weather well into spring.

8. Minnesota

Minnesota is another state where April snow is not unexpected. The state experiences significant snowfall during this month, particularly in the northern regions. The combination of lingering winter storms and cold temperatures can result in substantial snow accumulation. Residents often deal with the inconvenience of late-season snow, which can affect everything from travel to outdoor activities.

9. Wisconsin

Springtime in Wisconsin often includes some snow, particularly in the northern parts of the state. April snowstorms can bring significant accumulation, especially to areas like the Northwoods. This late-season snow can disrupt spring planting and other outdoor activities, as winter seems to hang on stubbornly. Wisconsinites are no strangers to this, often keeping their snow gear accessible until well into May.

10. Maine


Maine, one of the most northern states in the continental U.S., gets more snow than most other places in the country. Residents can expect about five to ten inches of snow to fall in April, with some years seeing even more. The state’s coastal and inland areas can both experience late-season snow, making it necessary for Mainers to stay prepared for winter weather long after the calendar says spring.