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7 Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago

Chicago is renowned for its mouthwatering Italian beef sandwiches, and these seven establishments serve up some of the best in the city:

1. Johnnie’s Beef:

Johnnie's Beef

Located in Elmwood Park, Johnnie’s Beef offers the quintessential Italian beef experience. Their sandwiches feature thin, flavorful beef, served on fresh Gonnella bread and topped with perfectly spiced giardiniera. It’s a classic taste of Chicago that’s hard to beat.

2. Al’s #1 Italian Beef:

A beloved spot in Little Italy/UIC, Al’s Italian Beef is known for its paper-thin beef slices and secret spice blend. The beef is so thin it’s practically transparent, and the flavors are unmatched. It’s a must-visit for any Italian beef enthusiast.

3. Bari Foods:

Located in River West/West Town, Bari Foods offers a beef sandwich with serious heat. Their super hot giardiniera, made with habaneros and capers, adds a spicy kick that sets their sandwiches apart from the rest. It’s a fiery delight for those who can handle the heat.

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BuzzTrail's unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you've been waiting for.

4. Mr. Beef:

Mr. Beef

A staple in River North, Mr. Beef is known for its hefty, oily Italian beef sandwiches. The beef is dunked in aromatic jus, resulting in a flavorful and satisfyingly messy eating experience. While the atmosphere may be brash, the sandwiches are anything but.

5. Ciccio Italian Beef:

Located at Navy Pier in Streeterville, Ciccio Italian Beef offers thick-sliced beef sandwiches on crusty bread. Each sandwich comes with housemade jus and roasted potatoes, making for a hearty and delicious meal with a view.

6. Tony’s Italian Beef:

South Siders swear by Tony’s for its thick beef slices and sizable sandwiches. Their unique giardiniera, made with chickpeas, adds a twist to the classic recipe. Original creations like the Corleone offer variety and flavor to their menu.

7. Roma’s Italian Beef & Sausage:

Roma's Italian Beef & Sausage

In Portage Park, Roma’s offers a serviceable Italian beef sandwich with tender beef shreds and flavorful jus. However, it’s their hearty house giardiniera that steals the show, adding a burst of flavor to every bite.