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10 Low Maintenance Plants For A Picturesque Balcony

Transforming your balcony into a green oasis doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. With the right selection of low maintenance plants, you can create a beautiful and serene outdoor space that requires minimal effort. Here are ten plants that are perfect for a picturesque balcony, offering aesthetic appeal without demanding too much of your time.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multitasker that not only rejuvenates skin and hair but also treats minor wounds. This plant is incredibly low maintenance, requiring water only when the soil is completely dry. Its insect-resistant nature means it rarely needs your attention. Plus, Aloe Vera’s sleek, spiky leaves add a modern touch to your balcony decor.

Pothos/Devil’s Ivy

Known as the money plant, Pothos is believed to prevent financial crises and is renowned for its heart-shaped leaves. It thrives in indirect sunlight and needs watering only once a week. Pothos also excels at filtering air pollutants, making it a great addition for improving air quality. If space is limited, you can grow it vertically to maximize your green space.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant adds a wild, untamed look to any balcony with its cascading leaves. It thrives in various conditions but prefers moist soil during summers and drier soil in winter. Placing two pots by the balcony door can create a whimsical charm that enhances the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.


Basil is a must-have for Italian or Thai food lovers. This herb needs sunlight and sparse watering, making it ideal for sunny balconies. The Indian variety, Tulsi, is known for its medicinal benefits and immunity-boosting properties. Whether you use it in your cooking or for its health benefits, Basil is a versatile and practical plant to have on your balcony.

Jade Plant

Also known as the friendship tree, the Jade Plant thrives in tough conditions. It doesn’t burn in direct sunlight and requires minimal watering, symbolizing enduring friendships. This plant also helps clean air pollutants, adding positivity and a sense of well-being to your balcony.

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Cacti are the epitome of low maintenance. These resilient plants can withstand extreme conditions and need very little water. Their unique shapes and striking appearances make them perfect for adding a touch of the desert to your balcony. They also come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create interesting displays.

Desert Rose

The Desert Rose, or Adenium, is a resilient flowering plant that brightens up any balcony with its red or pink blossoms. It thrives in sunny spots and requires minimal care. Its vibrant flowers provide a splash of color, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a lively and cheerful outdoor space.


Pansies are perfect for growing in small wooden boxes, even in the darker corners of your balcony. Their beautiful fragrance and vibrant flowers bring joy and color to your outdoor area. These hardy plants are easy to care for and can survive in less-than-ideal conditions, making them a delightful addition.

Boston Fern

With its frilly leaves and hanging fronds, the Boston Fern looks stunning in a hanging basket. This plant is easy to care for and stays green and lush even if you’re away for long periods. It thrives in indirect sunlight and needs regular watering, making it a perfect choice for adding greenery to your balcony without much hassle.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree is known for its deep green leaves and ability to clean air pollutants. It adds a majestic charm to your balcony, thriving in bright spots away from direct sunlight. With minimal watering needs and its robust nature, the Rubber Tree is a fantastic addition to any balcony garden.